Gymnastics Bars

Discover the ultimate solution to your gymnastics training needs with Airtumble Gymnastics Bars! Our foldable gymnastics bars are designed for both beginners and junior gymnasts, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Key Features:

  1. Foldable Design for Easy Storage: If storage space is a concern, our foldable gymnastics bars are the perfect solution. You can easily fold them up when not in use, saving precious space in your home or gym. Plus, with integrated wheels, you can effortlessly move them around as needed.
  2. Adjustable Height Options: Our gymnastics bars are designed to accommodate various skill levels. With adjustable height options ranging from 3ft to 5ft, you can customize the bars to suit your training requirements as you progress in your gymnastic journey.
  3. Exceptional Stability: Airtumble Gymnastic Bars are renowned for their sturdiness. Crafted to withstand rigorous training sessions, they provide a secure platform for practicing various routines and exercises. You can trust in their durability and safety.
  4. Bar Padding Included: We care about your safety. That’s why all our gymnastic bars come with bar padding at no additional cost. This added protection ensures you can train comfortably and with peace of mind.
  5. Optional Foldable Mat: For extra protection during your gymnastic sessions, we offer the option to purchase a foldable mat. This mat provides a cushioned landing surface, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your training experience.

AirTumble™ Foldable Mat

Foldable four-fold mat for gymnastics
Original price was: £159.00.Current price is: £129.00.

AirTumble Folding Gymnastics Bars – Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft

Foldable Gymnastics Training Bars for Beginners and Junior
From: £495.00£275.00

AirTumble Adjustable Gymnastics Bars – Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft

Gymnastics Training Bars for Beginners and Junior Gymnasts
From: £445.00£245.00

Whether you’re just starting your gymnastics journey or you’re a junior gymnast looking to advance your skills, Airtumble Gymnastics Bars are your ideal training companion. Experience the convenience of foldable design, the safety of bar padding, and the flexibility of adjustable heights. Elevate your gymnastics game today with Airtumble Gymnastics Bars – your path to excellence in the UK gymnastics scene!

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