Adjustable Gymnastics Beam.

Adjustable Gymnastic Beam

Gymnastic Beam for Home Training – AirTumble Gymnastic Beam

The AirTumble Gymnastic Beam is an excellent piece of gymnastic equipment designed to facilitate additional training hours at home. With a length of 8 feet / 244cm and a width of 10cm, our Gymnastic Beam offers the perfect dimensions for effective practice. It is an adjustable beam that can be set at different heights, ranging from floor level up to 46cm.

To ensure maximum comfort, we utilize solid wood and enhance the top surface of the Gymnastic Beam with EVA Foam. The addition of EVA Foam provides an extra layer of cushioning, allowing gymnasts to focus on their routines without discomfort. For enhanced stability, the Gymnastic Beam comes equipped with commercial-grade anti-slip suede and anti-slip rubber feet.

At AirTumble, we offer two distinct options for our Gymnastic Beam. The AirTumble Folding Gymnastic Beam is not only easy to assemble but also convenient to store. It serves as an ideal tool for developing a fundamental understanding of beam work, enabling users to practice traversing in various ways, maintaining different balances, and executing basic jumps.

Gymnastic Beam Safety Instructions

Before utilising the Gymnastic Beam, it is essential to follow these safety instructions to ensure a safe and effective training experience:

  1. Prepare a clean, dry, and flat surface for your Gymnastic Beam. Avoid uneven surfaces or those with gradients.
  2. The Gymnastic Beam should not be used in wet or humid conditions, as it compromises safety and reduces the lifespan of the product. In case the beam gets wet, ensure it is completely dry and undamaged before use.
  3. Always use adequate safety matting beneath and around the Gymnastic Beam.
  4. Only one person should use the Gymnastic Beam at a time.
  5. The Gymnastic Beam is perfect for developing a basic understanding of beam exercises. Users should be aware of their personal limits and the limitations of the equipment.
  6. Activity on the Gymnastic Beam must always be supervised by a qualified instructor.
  7. New skills should only be attempted on the Gymnastic Beam under the guidance and instruction of a qualified professional.
  8. Before each use, thoroughly inspect the Gymnastic Beam, including all components and fixings, for stability or damage. Refrain from using it if there are any concerns about its safety or if it is damaged.
  9. Do not attempt to repair any damaged or worn components yourself. Contact the manufacturer for advice on how to get the component repaired or replaced by a qualified professional.
  10. The Gymnastic Beam must only be used for its intended purpose and should not be modified in any way.
  11. Avoid wearing shoes while using the Gymnastic Beam.

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Benefits of the AirTumble Gymnastic Beam

The AirTumble Gymnastic Beam offers numerous benefits for children of all ages and abilities. Here are some advantages of incorporating the Gymnastic Beam into your training routine at home or in a gymnastics club:

  • Improved Balance and Coordination: By walking, jumping, and traveling across the Gymnastic Beam, children can enhance their balance and coordination. Regular practice enables them to develop a strong sense of body awareness and control.
  • Increased Confidence: Training on the AirTumble Gymnastic Beam allows children to master new skills and different traveling techniques. As they progress and raise the beam to different heights, gymnasts’ confidence grows, enabling them to perform skills at greater heights with ease.
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Utilizing the Gymnastic Beam requires a great deal of focus and concentration. As children navigate across the beam using different styles, jumps, and movements, they improve their cognitive development and sharpen their ability to concentrate on tasks.
  • Versatile and Beneficial: The AirTumble Gymnastic Beam is a versatile piece of gymnastics equipment that provides numerous benefits for children. Whether used at home or in a gym, it offers an array of exercises and routines to support skill development and overall physical fitness.

The AirTumble Gymnastic Beam is an outstanding addition to any gymnast’s training regimen. It provides a safe and effective platform for honing skills, improving balance, and building confidence. With its versatility and suitability for children of all ages and abilities, the Gymnastic Beam is an excellent investment for both home and gym use.

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