AirTumble Air Track Home Range

At AirTumble we have a range of safe home inflatable training equipment that can be used either indoors or outdoors and suitable for home use.

Our home equipment is manufactured from the same high quality materials as the tracks used by professional athletes and elite gymnasts.


In addition to this our AirTracks are lightweight and easy to inflate, deflate and store and are available in various shapes, colours and sizes allowing you to choose the ones that best suits your training needs.

You can use your AirTumble Air Track for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour and martial arts to perfect your jumps, tumbles, flicks and somersaults without fear of a hard landing.


Using Air Track Outdoors

It’s best to use a groundsheet under your AirTumble Air Track to avoid damage from sharp stones and other debris.

As well as providing soft landings, our AirTrack also provides increased rebound to your jumps and somersaults. You can manage the bounce of the mat by adjusting the inflation.

Home Set-ups

With a choice of different AirTumble Air Track mats you can put together various set-ups required for your training regime.

Training at home using an AirTrack is much more enjoyable as an individual or as part of a group than other forms of soft matting and safer too! See options and prices here.

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