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An AirTumble Track is an inflatable mat used for gymnastics, dancing, cheerleading, martial arts and parkour training.

AirtracksWhile talking about gymnastics, you might have also heard the term “tumbling” thrown in the mix as well. Are gymnastics and tumbling the same thing? Or are they on opposite ends of the spectrum? So, this article will highlight the main difference between gymnastics and tumbling for your understanding.

Understanding Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport in which athletes perform leaps, flips, turns, and handstands. All these acrobatic moves are basically carried out on different types of specialised equipment, such as the uneven bars, vault, and balance beam. However, you may also have seen different athletes compete in events like these during the Summer Olympics. While it might seem easy to try out any gymnastics equipment, but it requires you to have a lot of practice, learning, and other safety precautions to use each item correctly.

Understanding Tumbling

Tumbling, which is also known as floor gymnastics, is actually a form of gymnastics that is performed without using any kind of specialised equipment. Stunts like handsprings, somersaults, tucks, and backflips are shown on the floor using various tumbling mats for added cushions. Also, in gymnastics, tumbling in elements, such as the floor routines in the Olympics; however, tumbling does not feature the same kind of dancing elements involved in the floor routines. Cheerleading is one sport that requires tumbling experience because many of the routines include backflips and other various floor tricks.

This is a question many parents ask us. They want to know if it’s safe for their children to practice gymnastics at home.

The answer is that it’s safe, if practiced with the correct equipment and under supervision. To ensure extra safety it is worth investing in good quality AirTumble Tracks to practice jumps and moves. Many of these mats are smaller and thus more affordable than the pro models you find in gyms, but they are built using the same materials. Their smaller size also makes them more portable as they can be folded flat more easily and they fit in the boot of a car if needed. Additionally, the smaller size means that these AirTumble Tracks can be used indoors as well as outdoors, extending their usability in the winter months.

At AirTumble we provide AirTumble Tracks for home and gym using the best possible construction methods and materials. Using mats like ours at home to perform and perfect exercises can help reduce the chance of injury and minimize repetitive strain.

If in any doubt about the best AirTumble Track to use at home, please contact us by email or phone.

Foam mats are good for safety, but inflatable mats are the gym instructors and athletes first choice because of their many advantages over foam. The main benefits are that the landing and rebound actions on an AirTumble Track Mat are softer on the joints. This is important for experienced and pro gymnasts but is crucial for children with developing bodies since it helps in the reduction of accidental sprains and other injuries.

For further advice on choosing the best AirTumble Track mat for your training regime or your child, please contact us.

If you are a gymnastics club with beginners and high-level professional users, thicker AirTumble Tracks are recommended. Thicker mats allow more flexibility in adjusting the pressure within them. This will allow beginners to enjoy easy bounces and softer landings when using lower pressures as well as lower impact on the body.

Adjusting to higher pressure allows more skilled gymnasts and pro athletes to experience a firm and more technical bounce with greater stability. This is because the force of the rebound depends on how much pressure you put into the AirTumble Track.

Pressure In the AirTumble Track should also be adjusted depending on the sport you are practising as well as age and weight.

If you are not sure what thickness of an AirTumble Track will suit your needs best of all, contact us and we will give you recommendations based on the many years we have worked with athletes of all abilities in gymnastics clubs and the feedback we get from hundreds of users of our mats.

All of our AirTumble Tracks are supplied with an electric pump and take only a few minutes to inflate and deflate.

Yes. Our AirTumble Tracks are suitable to use indoors and outdoors. Please refer to our User Guide for more information on setting up your AirTumble Track.

Yes. All of our AirTumble Tracks are supplied with a storage bag allowing for easy transportation and giving you the freedom to train anywhere.

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