Gymnastics Tumbling on the Number 1 AirTumble™ Air Floor

Air Floor

The AirTumble Air Floor is the ideal product for enhancing your gymnastics training this summer.

An Air Floor is a specialized tumbling mat that utilizes air inflation, achieved with either an electric or manual pump. Constructed with durable PVC and drop-stitch fabric, this mat retains its shape and provides a consistent surface for practicing tumbling and gymnastics.

The inflatable Air Floor offers a fantastic space-saving solution. In just minutes, you can inflate it to enjoy a full-length gymnastics tumble track.

Start your home training today with the Air Floor, available in various lengths.

What is the Best Pressure?

To ensure optimum performance, it is crucial to use the air pump provided by the manufacturer. Before each training session, remember to check the pressure.

Minimum Air Pressure: The Floor must have sufficient pressure to prevent the user from making contact with the hard floor beneath while bouncing, jumping, and rolling. It is important not to overinflate the Air Floor until it becomes rigid.

The ideal pressure for the Air Floor varies based on individual factors such as weight, proficiency level, and the specific activities performed. For personalized comfort, you can adjust the pressure according to your preference. If you wish to decrease the pressure, gently press the pin on the inflation valve until you reach the desired level. Experiment by jumping on the Air Floor and adjusting the pressure to find the perfect setting.

One effective way to gauge the pressure is by using a pressure gauge inserted into the valve. Remember to remove the gauge while using the Air Floor and consider adding safety matting at the sides and ends for extra protection.

Finding the right pressure is crucial for optimal training on an Air Floor.

– HARD: High pressure creates a dead floor, commonly used at competitive levels.
– MEDIUM: Lower pressure provides a better bounce sensation, assisting with jump training.
– SOFT: Even lower air pressure is recommended for play, fun, or beginners in gymnastics.

Train for Longer on an Air Floor

Traditionally, gymnastics training takes place on hard foam floors. However, repetitive tumbling on these hard surfaces can lead to injuries and impact the gymnast’s bones and joints.

By using the AirTumble Air Floor, you can train for longer without putting excessive stress on your bones and joints. Unlike traditional hard foam floors, the air-inflated mat absorbs impact and provides a more forgiving surface. This helps to reduce the risk of injuries and allows you to focus on improving your gymnastics skills with added comfort and safety.

In conclusion, the AirTumble Air Floor is an excellent investment for gymnasts of all levels. Its inflatable design, adjustable pressure, and durable construction make it a versatile and convenient training tool. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a beginner, this mat offers a consistent and comfortable surface to enhance your gymnastics training this summer and beyond.

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So, don’t wait any longer! Visit the AirTumble™ Air Floor Home Range now and start tumbling!

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