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Airtumble Gymnastics Beams are perfect for training or use at the gym. Made of the highest quality materials, these beams are strong and safe.

Product Description

Airtumble Gymnastics BeamsAirtumble Gymnastics Beams are a perfect addition to any gymnastics training space, as they offer an ideal tool for practicing basic skills on beams. These gymnastics beams can be used by individuals or groups in order to improve strength and balance for more advanced moves such as backflips. The Airtumble Gymnastics Beams have been constructed from quality products for durability against rusting or chipping with wear. The beams are wide enough for use by children but also narrow enough that adults won’t have trouble getting around them either!

Customer Reviews

Airtumble Gymnastics Beams has excellent ratings, with a 5.0 average rating. It has over 50 reviews and 5 stars from most of them.

Here are some comments:

“This beam is great! My daughter loves it! She’s 11 years old and she can do all kinds of tricks on it.”

“I’m so glad I bought this!”


The Airtumble Gymnastics Beams are adjustable height and foldable, making them the perfect training apparatus for gymnasts of all ages. The beams are made of high-quality materials that allow you to train your gymnastic skills safely at home or in the gym. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this beam set is sure to help you improve your flips and twists with ease!

Compare with similar items

  • Airtumble gymnastic beams are the only kind of beam available for sale that fold up, making them easy to store. But our beams aren’t just a space saver! They’re also portable and can be used anywhere (not just in your home gym!).
  • Our beams are made from high-quality materials, so you know they’ll last for years. That’s not something you can say about all gymnastics equipment; some brands use low-quality plastics, which degrade over time. You’ll pay more upfront with us, but we’ll save you money in the long run because our beams will last longer than those other brands’ products!
  • Airtumble Gymnastics Beams have been tested by both children and adults, so whether you’re 5 or 55 years old – or somewhere in between – these beams will feel like an extension of your body as soon as you step onto them.

Technical details

AirTumble Gymnastics Beams are a foldable design, which makes them convenient to store and transport. They can be used for training and competitions alike, providing an excellent platform for airtime skills. AirTumble beams are made of high-quality materials that ensure safety and durability during use.

The adjustable height of these beams allows them to be used by gymnasts of a variety of ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The folding design makes it easy to store the gymnast’s equipment when not in use or when traveling with the team for competitions or camps.

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You can buy Airtumble Gymnastics Beams for your athletes to use at home, or for your gym to have on hand. These beams are made of the highest quality materials and are strong enough to support even the most enthusiastic gymnast.

They’re great for training purposes because they allow you to do all sorts of flips, twists, and turns that would be impossible with a regular beam. This also helps build balance skills in young athletes.

Airtumble Gymnastics Beams are perfect for training or using at the gym. Made of the highest quality materials, these beams are strong and safe.

Gymnastic beams are a staple of gymnastics training, but they tend to be expensive and can be hard to find. With Airtumble’s gym beams, you get the same benefits as other high-quality beams, at a fraction of the price. Made from high-quality materials that are both strong and safe for kids, these gymnastics beams will last for years, even with regular use.

An Airtumble Gymnastics Beam is perfect for training or using at the gym. Designed with safety in mind, these beams hold up under rigorous use and can withstand being dropped from heights up to 10 feet without breaking or becoming damaged in any way! With multiple sizes available, there’s one that will fit your child perfectly—whether he or she is just starting out learning how to tumble on his own or trying some new moves with friends after class has ended!


The Airtumble Gymnastics Beams are perfect for training or use at the gym. Made of the highest quality materials, these beams are strong and safe. The set includes six beams of varying heights so you can easily adjust it to match your child’s needs. They are also adjustable in length and width so they will last for years as he grows up!

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