Air Tumble Gymnastics Training Bars

If you have a budding young gymnast at home and want to support their love of the sport of gymnastics, you’ll want to consider purchasing a professionally designed home training gymnastics bar like this. It allows children to practice at home, indoors if there’s room, outdoors when the weather is fine, so they can practice to their hearts’ content and perfect the moves they have learned during their gymnastics classes, allowing them to improve and advance to the next level.

Choosing the right training bars is important. The home training gymnastics bar must be solid and sturdy and must be constructed of metal and not plastic. A six-point base with industrial rubber end caps will minimise wobbling and keep the bars stable and secure.

When investing in gym bar equipment, it’s important to choose a model that grows with your child allowing them to get several years of use from it. That means selecting a bar that has several height adjustments. The AirTumble gym bar accommodates children weighing up to 140lb (63kg), what’s more you can raise the bar to a comfortable height, from 3ft to 5ft as your children grow taller and their skill level increases. Having an adjustable training bar also means that more than one child can use it – just change the height to suit the child.

Adjustment is easy, as is assembly and it will last for years to come. It makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for the budding gymnast, plus it’s the ideal way for children to burn off surplus energy.

Assemble and disassemble is simple and fast. When not in use, you can hide it away.


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Why Choose Us?

With our background in gymnastics and helping children develop their skills and confidence through exercise, we know how to kick off a child’s development and nurture it. Already one of the biggest suppliers of Air Tumble products in the UK we have now developed this fantastic range of high quality, handmade soft play area equipment, suitable for all budgets.

What are horizontal bars in gymnastics?

Horizontal bar, also called high bar, gymnastics apparatus introduced in the early 19th century by the German Friedrich Jahn, usually considered the father of gymnastics. Adult bars use a polished steel bar 2.8 cm (1.1 inches) in diameter, 2.4 metres (7.8 feet) long, and raised about 2.8 metres (9.1 feet) from the floor. The event was first held for men at the first modern Olympics in 1896.

Can a Child Practice Kip Drills on the Training Bars?

Please remember when beginners are practicing it’s going to take some time to learn the various horizontal bar moves.

The kip drill is usually the first skill that will give them a challenge. A kip is when the gymnast swings below the bar and comes out in front. Kip drills can help children  to be better able to achieve this move. These drills will help strengthen their muscles and give them needed balance.

Has anyone from GB Won the Horizontal bars in the Olympics?

Nile Wilson won an Olympic bronze medal in the men’s horizontal bar at the 2016 Summer Olympics; he was also a world medallist as a member of the silver-medal winning British team at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, the first world men’s team medal in British gymnastics history. Help get Britain’s first horizontal bar gold medal by starting your child’s training today!


AirTumble Gymnastics Bars – Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft

FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY (DELIVERY 1-2 WORKING DAYS) AirTumble Horizontal Gymnastic Bars for Homes & Gardens Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft Perfect for Beginners and Junior Gymnasts. The AirTumble Horizontal Gymnastic Bars feature adjustable height options from 3ft – 5ft. Our Horizontal Adjustable Gymnastics Bars are one of the sturdiest gymnastics bars available in the […]

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