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gymnastics barsAirTumble Gymnastics Bars are perfect for both beginners and junior gymnasts. Our gymnastic bars feature adjustable height options from 3ft – 5ft and are some of the sturdiest bars available in the UK. All of our gymnastic bars come with bar padding at no extra cost and the option to purchase a foldable mat for extra protection.

If storage is an issue, we now offer foldable gymnastics bars for easy storage along with wheels for easy movement.

AirTumble Adjustable Gymnastics Bars – Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft

Gymnastics Training Bars for Beginners and Junior Gymnasts
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AirTumble Folding Gymnastics Bars – Adjustable Height from 3ft – 5ft

Foldable Gymnastics Training Bars for Beginners and Junior
From: £495.00£275.00

AirTumble™ Foldable Mat

Foldable four-fold mat for gymnastics
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Gymnastics Bars by AirTumble: The Ultimate Choice for Beginners and Junior Gymnasts - Read More...

Gymnastics Bars by AirTumble: The Ultimate Choice for Beginners and Junior Gymnasts

When it comes to gymnastics training equipment, AirTumble offers a wide range of high-quality gymnastics bars. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or a junior gymnast honing your skills, AirTumble Gymnastics Bars are the ultimate choice for your gymnastics journey. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional features and benefits of AirTumble Gymnastics Bars, highlighting their adjustable height options, sturdiness, safety features, and convenient storage solutions.

Adjustable Height Gymnastics Bar:

AirTumble Gymnastics Bars provide adjustable height options, ranging from 3ft to 5ft, making them ideal for gymnasts of all ages and skill levels. These versatile bars allow beginners to start with a lower height setting and progress at their own pace, ensuring a safe and comfortable training experience. For junior gymnasts, the adjustable height feature accommodates their growth and advancing skills, providing a platform for continuous improvement.

Unmatched Sturdiness of Gymnastics Bar:

Safety and stability are paramount when it comes to gymnastics bars. AirTumble Gymnastics Bars are renowned for their durability, making them one of the sturdiest options available in the UK market. With exceptional engineering, these bars can withstand rigorous training sessions, providing gymnasts with a secure and reliable platform to perform a wide range of exercises, including swings, kips, and bar routines.

Enhanced Safety with Bar Padding:

AirTumble Gymnastics Bars come equipped with bar padding at no additional cost. This feature offers enhanced safety by providing cushioning and protection against accidental bumps or falls during routines. The durable and resilient bar padding remains securely in place even during intense training sessions, allowing gymnasts to train with confidence and peace of mind. AirTumble prioritizes safety to ensure optimal training conditions.

Optional Foldable Mat for Added Protection:

To further elevate safety standards, AirTumble offers an optional foldable mat designed to complement their gymnastics bars. This mat provides an additional layer of protection, minimizing the impact of falls and reducing the risk of injuries. The foldable design makes storage and transportation hassle-free, adding convenience to your training setup. With AirTumble’s foldable mat, you can create a safe and padded landing area to perfect your skills without compromising safety.

Convenient Storage Solutions for Gymnastics Bars:

Recognizing the importance of storage space, AirTumble now offers foldable gymnastics bars that are designed for easy storage. These bars can be effortlessly folded and stowed away when not in use, allowing you to reclaim valuable floor space. Additionally, the inclusion of wheels enables easy movement, making it convenient to set up or reposition the bars as needed. AirTumble’s foldable gymnastics bars offer a practical solution for those with limited space, without compromising functionality or safety.


For exceptional gymnastics bars that combine quality, safety, and versatility, AirTumble stands out as the ultimate choice. With adjustable height options, unmatched sturdiness, safety features such as bar padding, and the option for a foldable mat, AirTumble Gymnastics Bars prioritize the well-being and progress of gymnasts. Moreover, the convenient storage solutions make these bars a practical choice for those with limited space. Explore the range of gymnastics bars by AirTumble at and take your gymnastics training to new heights. Choose AirTumble for top-notch gymnastics bars that optimize your training experience

gymnastics barUsing a gymnastics bar, also known as a horizontal bar or high bar, requires strength, balance, and proper technique. Here are some general steps to help you use a gymnastics bar effectively:

  1. Warm Up: Start with a proper warm-up to prevent injuries. Stretch your arms, shoulders, back, and legs to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of strains.
  2. Grip: Approach the bar and determine your hand placement. There are various grips, such as overhand (palms facing away from you) and underhand (palms facing you). Choose the grip that you are most comfortable with. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  3. Mount the Bar: Stand facing the bar, and jump or step onto the bar. Swing your body up and over the bar, grasping it with your chosen grip. Your hips should be in line with the bar.
  4. Swing: Begin the swinging motion by shifting your bodyweight and swinging your legs back and forth. Keep your body straight and maintain control throughout the swing.
  5. Kips and Skills: As you gain more proficiency, you can perform skills like kips, giants, or release moves. These require precise timing and coordination.
  6. Dismount: To dismount, release the bar at the peak of a swing and execute a somersault or twist, landing on your feet or in a controlled manner on the mat.
  7. Safety: Always have a spotter or coach present, especially if you are a beginner. They can provide guidance and ensure your safety.
  8. Practice and Progression: Gymnastics on the bar takes time to master. Practice regularly and progress at your own pace. It’s essential to build strength, flexibility, and confidence over time.
  9. Equipment: Make sure you are using a proper gymnastics bar that is secure and designed for gymnastics. Ensure that the bar is at the appropriate height for your skill level.
  10. Wear Appropriate Attire: Dress in comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement. Consider using grips to protect your hands and provide a better grip on the bar.

Remember that gymnastics can be physically demanding, and it’s essential to prioritize safety. If you’re new to gymnastics, it’s a good idea to take lessons from a qualified coach who can provide guidance and support as you learn how to use the gymnastics bar safely and effectively.

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