Creating A Home Gymnastics Area For Kids Using Inflatable Gymnastics & Tumbling Mats, Gymnastics Equipment & Soft Play Equipment

soft play for homeGymnastics is a fun and comprehensive physical exercise that can benefit your children in many ways. Statistics in the UK revealed that about 10% of children have obesity problems and highly active children are healthier due to reduced risks of illnesses and childhood obesity. While it can be difficult to get your children to exercise regularly, it is much easier for parents to encourage moderate or vigorous daily activity if they set up a proper gymnastics area in their home. Studies also showed that gymnastics sessions establish new neural pathways which improve muscle memory, focus, and concentration, making this a win-win for parents and children alike.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some tips for creating a home gymnastics area for your little Olympic hopefuls:

Inflatable Gymnastics & Tumbling Mats– these mats are the most essential part in any gymnastics area to prevent injuries by absorbing shocks and impacts. You should choose mats made of high-quality materials to prevent wear and tear. Coated nylon is antimicrobial and antifungal because it’s not an ideal surface for microorganisms to thrive. It is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and it won’t retain bad odours.

Gymnastic Equipment Designed For Kids– after ensuring that the floor is properly covered with inflatable gymnastic & tumbling mats, you can add various equipment. When choosing a kip bar or gymnastic bars, they should be 3 to 5 feet high and have more than 100lbs of load resistance. Monkey bars are great for improving your kid’s body strength with swinging pull-ups, lateral pull-ups, or leg raises. A springboard propels children forward when children run and jump onto the board. It helps children to increase their jump height.

Soft Play Area– a soft play section in the gymnastic area is useful for stimulating kid’s senses and is ideal for toddlers. Soft play for home is an engaging and safe environment for kids to process stimuli and improve their senses. Make sure that objects in the soft play area have a different texture to improve the sense of touch. Make sure that the area is kid-proofed with no hard surface, pointy corners, or sharp edges. Choose certain themes for the area to make children feel more excited and comfortable at play.

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