Gymnastics bars.

Create a Kid-Friendly Space for Active Play with Gymnastics Bars for home and Softplay for Home

Engaging your kids in fun indoor and outdoor activities help them get fresh air and exercise that are beneficial to their health and happiness. However, encouraging them to play in a world influenced by gadgets can often be challenging. Distractions such as phones, tablets, social media, and Netflix make it difficult for parents to get children interested in physical activities. All this raises physical and mental health concerns for a family.

Playing outdoors or indoors is one of the greatest physical activities for the kids, but the absence of play areas is a concern for parents. The health benefit of outdoor play is one of the reasons why parents think of methods to build a kid-friendly play area in the garden.

But the question is, how should you design an outdoor or indoor space that attracts your children to play? To answer this, here are a few tips for creating a kid-friendly outdoor space for active play.

Requirements to Create Kids’ Play Area in The Garden

Add a climbing space

Children love to roam freely in the play area. Toys and games keep them engaged and active. Besides this, there are plenty of activities like sliding, climbing, hopping, and jumping. You can place equipment like a slide or swing in the garden. Children can use skipping ropes or hoops for a healthy play session. Along with this, you can place car tyres, plank balance beams in a sequence, or a climbing frame in the garden, and it can be your child’s favourite activity. These physical activities are great to instil healthy habits and exercise right from a young age.

Create a softplay area

A soft play area in the home space offers a safe environment for toddlers. Besides being safe, it helps stimulate your kid’s senses. Softplay set is what you need. Softplay for home is an engaging and safe environment for kids to process stimuli and improve their senses. However, ensure that the objects in the soft play area have a different texture that helps improve the sense of touch. Also, it is kid-friendly with no hard surfaces, sharp corners, or edges. Softplay equipment is available in different designs and styles to suit your toddler needs and is a great addition to the outdoor play area. Let your toddler play in the open environment, and be rest assured they are safe with softplay for home.

Water space

Water space is essential in the outdoor play area in the summers as it cools off your children. However, it offers many more benefits than play. Water play helps your children develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Along with this, it enhances social skills and promotes cooperation. You can create water space by setting up a water table, fill up a plastic sandbox with water, add a kiddie pool or a sprinkler. It allows your kids to play all day and enjoy while developing the motor skills.

Let your child be creative

Incorporating art into the outdoor play area makes so much sense. It enhances their creativity skills. To create the space, spread out an old sheet to allows the kids go wild with paints. You can also use a spray bottle to put in the paints and let them squeeze and play. Another simple way to let children get creative outdoors is to allow them to paint on the fence. Use washable chalk and when they are finished with their masterpiece, wash it off.

Create a training area with adjustable gymnastics training bars

The training area in the outdoor play area is beneficial for kids. You can add various equipment like gymnastics training bars or adjustable training bars. When you choose them, ensure they are no more than 3 to 5 feet high. Adjustable training bars for home are also great in improving your child’s upper body strength and brilliant for handstand training. The training area can also be setup indoors as the equipment is easy to move.

These are some of the ways to create a kid-friendly outdoor space for active play. To learn more about how to use softplay at home and training bars for home to create play areas, contact AirTumble now. You can also purchase high-quality children’s softplay and gymnastic equipment.


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